The American Hilljack Files Episode 6 ( Unnecessary Bullsh*t, Election Results and other Bullsh*t)

Intro and Greetings: ” Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack”
Music Break 1:
Unnecessary Bullshit
Seg 1: “All Hail Skell”
Seg 2: “The Closing of the T.O.T.T. and where that leaves the Akron Music Scene”
Seg 3: “After the Fall. A true story of Hard Work and Inspiration”
Music Break 2:
Walls – After the Fall
Sidebar Commercial
Scream – After the Fall
Seg 4: “Getting the Fans to see your Band without breaking their Budget”
Music Break 3:
The King is Crowned – Screaming for Silence
Capital Punishment – Three Vultures
Seg 5: “Vulture Culture it too much for the city officials of Lisbon, Ohio and the Republican Party”
Seg 6: “Trump wins, Hilary becomes speechless and the Country loses its mind”
Music Break 4:
Psychoanalyze – L.A. Knights
Hellhound – Olathia
Seg 7: “Duff Mckegan’s Its So Easy and other Lies, Kurt Cobain’s Too Young to Die and how they make you think”

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