The American Hilljack Files

Hosted ByJohn Lane

The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio is an Internet Radio Station focused on the best Unsigned Music from around the Globe mixed in with your favorite Nationals.

The American Hilljack Files Episode 6 ( Unnecessary Bullsh*t, Election Results and other Bullsh*t)

Intro and Greetings: ” Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack”
Music Break 1:
Unnecessary Bullshit
Seg 1: “All Hail Skell”
Seg 2: “The Closing of the T.O.T.T. and where that leaves the Akron Music Scene”
Seg 3: “After the Fall. A true story of Hard Work and Inspiration”
Music Break 2:
Walls – After the Fall
Sidebar Commercial
Scream – After the Fall
Seg 4: “Getting the Fans to see your Band without breaking their Budget”
Music Break 3:
The King is Crowned – Screaming for Silence
Capital Punishment – Three Vultures
Seg 5: “Vulture Culture it too much for the city officials of Lisbon, Ohio and the Republican Party”
Seg 6: “Trump wins, Hilary becomes speechless and the Country loses its mind”
Music Break 4:
Psychoanalyze – L.A. Knights
Hellhound – Olathia
Seg 7: “Duff Mckegan’s Its So Easy and other Lies, Kurt Cobain’s Too Young to Die and how they make you think”

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