The American Hilljack Files Episode 2 (Unnecessary Bulls*t, Herion and other Bullsh*t)

Unnecessary (Bullshit) – Skell
Segment 1:
How Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Shannon Tweed and Nikki Sixx got into a fatal four way argument over the Death of Prince.
The on going Saga of Axl Rose, the G-N-R reunion, replacing Brian Johnson in AC/DC and how it’s making money.
The true story of the demise of Rubber City Rock Radio / Meltdown Radio and how it played into the launch The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio aka A Pro Radio.
A salute and fond farewell to Last Day’s Pay
When the Smoke Clears- Last Day’s Pay
Fuckface – Barium
Segment 2:
The sad passing of Barium guitarist Josh Miktarian.
The Heroin issue plaguing our country and My Family.
How mental health and addiction go handin hand.
Walls – After The Fall
Psychoanalyze – L.A. Knights
Segment 3:
L.A. Knights CD release party May 20th at Tim Owens Travelers Tavern
Pro: Positive, Real and Original People doing good things in the Tri-State Music Scene.
NWO Metal Militia
K.C. Nashville Nites
Fans of the Scene: Nancy Whitmore, Julia Turner, Kim White, Shawna Henderson-Postlewait and Ray Squires
Rock 4 Life’s Steve Craven and Matt Ferrante
Bill Domiano and the The Pennsylvania Rock Show & AK Music Scene.
How I felt about touring for USO/AFE/MWR
The importance of the guidance and incouragment of the young up and coming bands in the Akron/Canton / Cleveland Music Scene like Three Vultures, The Scenic Route and Walking in Circles.
About the truth behind my son Johnny ‘ s original “False Father”.
Crystal Serva Stewart of Kronus influence on my daughter.
Capital Punishment- Three Vultures
The King is Crowned – Screaming for Silence
Segment 4:
A little about The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio aka A Pro Radio.
The Hellfire Club show dates.
Bullshit – American Dog

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