The American Hilljack Files Ep. 15 (So What, Chris Pankuch & other Bullsh*t)

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Intro and Greetings:
Music Break 1: So What – Igobagh
Seg 1: Where it began for Chris Pankuch, the Cleveland Music Scene, writing, recording & producing
Stranded – Chris Pankuch
Sidebar Commercial
Queen of Denial – Pankuch/Mlady/Taylor/Lane
Seg 2: Chris talks more of his beginnings, Russ Bombik, The Szuters, Outta The Blue, Magna – Fi, other Cleveland Musicians, influences & other crazy sh*t
No Regrets – Slant 6
The Empire Concert Club & Bar Commercial
False Father – The Real John Lane
God Damn, I am an Introvert – Toolbox & The Crew

Seg 3: Chris talks the rise and demise of the Cleveland Music Scene, Love Tribe, Lorraine, so called Local Promoters, influence on his son’s Dj career & more crazy sh*t
Everything’s Fine – Skell
Last Call (Live) – The Hellfire Club
Seg 4: Chris talks dirt on Fashion Police & Steel Panther coping his songs & ideas, Tony Mlady, needs of the Cleveland Music Scene, his dream band he’d put together & more
Closin’ & Good Vibes
Bullshit – A. D.

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