The American Hilljack Files Ep 13 (No Masks, Chaos Culture Entertainment & other Bullshit)

Intro and Greetings: “Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack
Music Break 1: No Masks – Kronus
Seg 1: Chaos Culture Entertainment’s Brandyn Chaos talks Chippers
Music Break 2: Walls – After the Fall
Sidebar Commercial
Obedience – Destroyer Court
Six String – Terachain Sky
Seg 2: Brandyn Chaos and The Hilljack talk about the Unsigned local Scene
Music Break 3: Seventeen Lies – A Common Crown
The Empire Concert Club & Bar Commercial
Baptized in Gasoline – Hemi Devils

Kill Wall Street – Three Vulture
Seg 3: Chaos and The Hilljack talk more on the Unsigned Local Scene
Music Break 4: Last Call (Live) – The Hellfire Club
Seg 4: Pluggin’ & Promoting The American Hilljack
Closin’ and Good Vibes
Final Music Break: Bullshit (God Damn It) – American Dog

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