The American Hilljack Files Ep 10 (Scream, A Nite at The Empire and other Bulsh*t)

Intro and Greetings: Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack
Music Break 1: Scream – After the Fall
Seg 1: Wrath Icon Interview
Music Break 2: Murder of Crows – Wrath Icon
Sidebar Commercial
Welcome to my War – Hatecore Inc.
Betrayed – Erasing Never
Seg 2: Incursia Interview
Music Break 3: Baptized in Gaseoline – Hemi Devils
Seg 3: Kronus Interview
Music Break 4: No Mask – Kronus
Seg 4: Manchester Road Interview
Music Break 5: Drive – Manchester Road
Closin’ & Good Vibes
Final Music Break: Bullshit (God Damn It) – American Dog

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