Hybrid to After the Fall. A True Story of Hard Work and Inspiration

June 3rd see’s V.E. Promotions bringing Losing September to Tim Owens’ Travelers’ Tavern in Akron, Oh. Now Calven is one of the openers, but I want to talk about the other band that will be sure to impress all in attendance. My longtime friends and guys who I look up to and Idolize. One of Pittsburgh and the AK Valley Pennsylvania’s most well-known acts, After The Fall.

The corner stone of this act is the rhythm section consisting of bassist Steve Craven and drummer Matt Ferrante. These two have been working together in bands for at least 20 years. When I first came across them I was sold a disc by their band Hybrid by a man we all referred to as Uncle Keith at his Music store, Apollo Music. I actually auditioned for Hybrid but never made the cut, yet I was a fan so much of them that my band F.M.A. recorded a version of their original “Intention” for our R.P.G. Album. Hybrid then became Superxero and then with another name change became After the Fall. Steve and Matt has had a virtual who’s who of talented musicians in their lineup over the history of the band, but their most current lineup that will be at the TOTT has become my favorite. Their Guitarist Zac Sheppard’s playing is a perfect combination of breakneck grit and heartfelt depth that compliments the machine like precision of the rhythm section I previously mentioned. But I have to say that the biggest acquirement that has put After the Fall as my #2 favorite “Burgh Music Scene” band, only behind Skell of course, is their ever talented vocalist and frontman, Doug Carnahan.atf

With their latest release of 2015’s full length album “My Confession” Doug’s lyrical onslaught is such a refreshing combination of meaningful stories accompanied by soul stirring harmonies and punctuated with an attitude filled guttural scream now and again. When looking at Local Unsigned Music From Everywhere. This band is definitely one that not only deserves to go to that next level because of their talent, but needs to be admired for all the hard work they do for so many others. So do yourself a favor if you’re in the Akron area this Friday, June 3 and see them along with Calven and Losing September at Tim Owens’ Travelers’ Tavern. You put my personal guarantee on the fact you will not be disappointed.

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