The American Hilljack Files

Hosted ByJohn Lane

The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio is an Internet Radio Station focused on the best Unsigned Music from around the Globe mixed in with your favorite Nationals.

The American Hilljack Files Ep 8 (Roll Over, The Slow Death of the Akron Music Scene)

theamericanhillhackIntro and Greetings: “Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack”
Roll Over – Rat Bastard Syndicate
Seg 1:”Time to join the Rat Bastard Syndicate before it’s too late”
Seg 2:”Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave when first we Practice to Deceive and Kill a Music Scene”
Seg 3:”Heavy is the Head that wears A Common Crown”
Seventeen Lies – A Common Crown
Sidebar Commercial
Walls – After the Fall
No Regrets – Slant 6
Seg 4:”There’s John & Paul, Paul & Gene and now Matt Ferrante & Steve Craven”

Seg 5: “The Slow Death of the Akron Music Scene. Can We Save It”
Seg 6:”Boss Hog is in trouble ’cause here comes Sean Perry and The Hazzard County Rebellion”
White Girl Wasted – Sean Perry and The Hazzard County Rebellion
Daisy Duke – Terachain Sky
Seg 7:”Everything You Need to know about the Election Recount”
Capital Punishment – Three Vultures
Unnecessary Bullshit – Skell
Seg 8:”Just Because You’ve Made Bad Choices, Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person
Bullshit God Dammit – American Dog

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