The American Hilljack Files Ep 8 (Roll Over, The Slow Death of the Akron Music Scene)

theamericanhillhackIntro and Greetings: “Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack”
Roll Over – Rat Bastard Syndicate
Seg 1:”Time to join the Rat Bastard Syndicate before it’s too late”
Seg 2:”Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave when first we Practice to Deceive and Kill a Music Scene”
Seg 3:”Heavy is the Head that wears A Common Crown”
Seventeen Lies – A Common Crown
Sidebar Commercial
Walls – After the Fall
No Regrets – Slant 6
Seg 4:”There’s John & Paul, Paul & Gene and now Matt Ferrante & Steve Craven”

Seg 5: “The Slow Death of the Akron Music Scene. Can We Save It”
Seg 6:”Boss Hog is in trouble ’cause here comes Sean Perry and The Hazzard County Rebellion”
White Girl Wasted – Sean Perry and The Hazzard County Rebellion
Daisy Duke – Terachain Sky
Seg 7:”Everything You Need to know about the Election Recount”
Capital Punishment – Three Vultures
Unnecessary Bullshit – Skell
Seg 8:”Just Because You’ve Made Bad Choices, Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person
Bullshit God Dammit – American Dog

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