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Bill-Domiano-DJing-22Bill Domiano is the owner/operator of both the Pennsylvania Rock Show and AK Music Scene.

The Pennsylvania Rock Show is a online radio show/podcast/FM program that features a studio guest and is full of songs from the best unsigned bands Pennsylvania has to offer. It airs the first Sunday of every month on Megarock Radio on both their internet radio and FM station in St. Louis. The show is DJ’ed by Bill Domiano of the Alle-Kiski Music Scene. The show includes a segment called “Get Outta Town” (Sponsored byTotal Music & Entertainment), that plays 3 songs from bands outside of PA, which has proved the show’s popularity, as bands from all over the world are submitting material and coming to town to be interviewed. Bill makes every effort possible to ensure every band is heard and feels right at home when they come to visit. Another segment is the AK Music Scene Concert Calendar brought to you by Entertainment. The show and past podcasts can be heard 24/7 on our website! The Pennsylvania Rock Show creates an avenue for worldwide exposure for which otherwise bands would not have any outlets other than a local bar or party. Don’t take our word for it, check out the newspapers and testimonials.

AK Music Scene is quite simply, a place for bands to promote themselves and find links to places that will help them promote themselves. We provide many free resources to help promote unsigned bands, including:Show Calendar, the Pennsylvania Rock Show, Monthly Newsletter, and many more to come! started out as part of the T.H. Entertainment’s website. It was then known as “T.H.E. Music Scene”. It spent a few years as part of that site. Then, Bill realized that it was a site that could grow and he moved it to it’s own server and renamed it to “The Music Scene”. Shortly after that, Utah responded to a post about donating a domain name to us. We chose the domain and the site had been reformatted a bit. At this point, A Wizard Solution donated the hosting to us.

AK Music Scene was officially born on January 29, 2004. When Utah Burgess of Shady Lady Studio, responded to a post about us looking for a donation to pay for our domain. Utah even came up with the name AK Music Scene.

The website is based in the Alle-Kiski Valley of Western Pennsylvania, but it also promotes any unsigned band that contacts us.

So, we know what your next question is. Where is the Alle-Kiski Valley? The Alle-Kiski Valley is located about 35 miles north east of Pittsburgh, PA. It is based in the Allegheny Valley along the Kiskiminetas River. This river is the fastest moving tributary of the Allegheny River. Some of the towns/cities in the Valley are: Vandergrift, New Kensington, Tarentum, Leechburg, Apollo, Brackenridge, & Natrona Heights.