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Hosted ByJohn Lane

The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio is an Internet Radio Station focused on the best Unsigned Music from around the Globe mixed in with your favorite Nationals.

The American Hilljack Files Episode 5 (Scream, The Failing Court System and Other Bullsh*t)

Intro and Greetings: “Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack”
Music Break 1: Scream – After The Fall
Seg 1: “Hard Times in The House of Hilljack: Confessions Of An Ashamed Father”
John discusses the current state of affairs at The Hilljack Ranch with situations with his children and how he feels responsible.
Music Break 2: Capital Punishment – Three Vultures
Bare Knuckles – East End
Burn – The Hellfire Club
Seg 2: “He Ain’t A Rapist, Just Ask His Daddy”
John discusses Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner trial and how disgusted he is by the outcome.
Seg 3: “ Igobah, Wine and trying to be like Cj Szuter”
John discusses writing the song “Old Man Time” and how Tony Mlady and himself wanted to be like Outta Blue, the Cleveland, Ohio band that featured the Szuter Brothers who went on to become Las Vegas, Nevada’s Magna-Fi.

Music Break 3: Old Man Time – Igobagh
Full Moon – Walking in Circles
Seg 4: “Cover Bands vs Original Bands; Who Gives a F*$K shut up and worry about your own Band A$$HOLE”
John discusses the argument in all Local Scenes of Cover Bands vs Original Bands and how neither mean a damn thing in grand scheme.
Music Break 4: When The Smoke Clears – Last Days Pay
Psychoanalyze – L.A. Knights
Seg 5: “From Stealing Their Mom’s Cloths to Getting Shite Thrown At Them on The Road to Success”
John discusses and reviews the Documentary “We Are Twisted Fuckin’ Sister” and how much of a inspiring raw story it is.
Closin’ and Good Vibes: “Wrappin’ , Yappin’ and Reviewing The Crappin’ as the Hilljack Signs Off”
Final Music Break: Bullshit – American Dog

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