The American Hilljack Files

Hosted ByJohn Lane

The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio is an Internet Radio Station focused on the best Unsigned Music from around the Globe mixed in with your favorite Nationals.

The American Hilljack Files Episode 1 ( Call to Arms , the Tri-State Music Scene and other Bullsh*t)

Call to Arms – After the Fall

Segment 1:
A little about The American Hilljack Files and it’s future
The Death of Prince.

Capital Punishment – Three Vultures
The King is Crowned – Screaming for Silence

Segment 2:
Going to California & Broke Down in Lincoln Nebraska with Pains Invention
New Talk Show I’m apart of with Sugar Shane and Billy Dees, Deranged Asylum.
The Hellfire Club June Shows
June 11th @ The Empire Concert Club & Bar in Akron, Oh: About East End’ s Robbie Perrone and John Bashaw .
June 18th @ Wayofest II in Lowellville, Oh:
About Brandyn Petrick , all the bands and the charity they are trying to raise money for.
June 25 @ Mayhem for the Minnies at Peter B’s in Sarver, Pa: About Chris Dittman , all the bands and the charity they are trying to raise money for.
Jozey Zeitler / L.A. Knights their CD release @ Tim Owens Travelers Tavern on May 20th and more.

Psychoanalyze – L.A. Knights
Hellhound – Olathia

Segment 3:
About Chris Olathia
A little about the PRO: Positive, Real and Original People doing their best for the Akron Ohio Music Scene.
Scott Benedum & Corrina Benedum and their V.E. Promotions
American Hilljack Tangent on Bands, Clubs/Bars/Venues and my views on revenue for both.
Eric G. Soudry and the Crew at The Empire Concert Club & Bar.
Junkman Bubba and Robbie Hendrix of Junkman.
Drummer Mike aka Mike Price.
American Hilljack Tangent on the Akron/Canton/Cleveland Ohio Music Scene and how bands should work together.
Opie and his band Blood Lust Unlimited.
Sean Perry and his bands Meccadeth / The Four Horsemen
Red Sun Rising and all their success.
American Hilljack Tangent on the Chuck S Akron and my views on what it needs to be great again.
Pete Mako ‘s CD release.
Jonnie Vincenzo and his band The Velvematics.
More on The American Hilljack Files.
Bill Domiano and The Pennsylvania Rock Show .

Burn (Live) – The Hellfire Club
Betrayed – Erasing Never

Segment 4:
Jessica Spears and her show 411 Low Down on Rock Rage Radio .
More on my views on the Akron/Canton/Cleveland Music Scene and all the Talent.
Rob Adams and his band Hemi Devils .
Kris Dann and his band Hatecore Inc.
Crystal Serva Stewart& Bob Stewart ‘s Kronus .
Trump & Clinton Presidential Battle , wise voting advice from my Mom Beatrice Clark ‘ s Dad, my Pap Schrecengost and my predictions.
How the advice from my Co-hort Deejay House aka David Sprouse turned me around and is helping me to get A Pro Radio off the ground.

Bullshit – American Dog

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