The American Hilljack Files

Hosted ByJohn Lane

The American Hilljack Pro Series Radio is an Internet Radio Station focused on the best Unsigned Music from around the Globe mixed in with your favorite Nationals.

The American Hilljack Files Ep 9(Six String,Controlled Chaos w/ Jacob Parks & Bill Domiano other BS)

1st T.A.H.F. interview with Jacob Parks of Terachain Sky and Bill Domiano from The Pennsylvania Rock Show
Intro and Greetings:”Positive Facts & Flack from the Hilljack”
Music Break 1: Six String – Terachain Sky
Seg 1: “Look to the Sky, Terachain Sky that is”
Seg 2:”Controlled Chaos w/ Jacob Parks and Bill Domiano”
Music Break 2: Vanishing Point – Rat Bastard Syndicate
Sidebar Commercial
Do it For The Dale – Sean Perry and The Hazzard County Rebellion
No Regrets – Slant 6

Seg 3:”More Controlled Chaos w/ Jacob and Bill
Music Break 3: Fight – Homicide Black
Unnecessary Bullshit – Skell
Seg 4:”Even More Controlled Chaos w/ Jacob and Bill”
Music 4: “Don’t Look Back – Walking in Circles
Seg 5: “The finally of Controlled Chaos w/ Jacob and Bill”
Closin’ and Good Vibes:
Bullshit God Damn It – American Dog

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